Frequently Asked Questions

How Pyck Works

The 9kg PyckBag. Our Pyck specialists wash, dry and fold all the clothes that fit into this bag. This is not a “wet/dry cleaning” service, so we don’t wash fabrics with different textile requirements.

We don’t have this service available yet. Conventional ironing is an unsustainable procedure and does not guarantee the integrity of fabrics. In this laundry, we adopt the wash and fold process, which is how we remove as many creases as possible. We will have an ironing service in the laundry in the future. It will be used for garments such as shirts, skirts and other items that need it.

Using our App. After creating an account, you must order the free Pyck bag. Once you’ve received your PyckBag, just fill it up with laundry. To create an order in the app, scan the QR code labeled on your bag. Once you’ve completed your order, we’ll meet you at the drive thru or you can contact us via the Whatsapp line.

We currently have a drive-thru on the A5 in Oeiras and we do home delivery in the center of Lisbon.

At Pyck it is not possible to use other bags. Using our PyckBags improves our customers’ experience and the sustainable efficiency of our laundry service.

Our standard bags can hold up to 9 kilos. We recommend that they are delivered full but tightly closed. In this way, we limit any possibility of items falling out.

Our drivers are at the drive-thru from 7am to 9.30am, Monday to Friday, and from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. The home delivery option is available from 8pm to 11pm on weekdays. Any questions on social media or whatspp are answered from 9am to 6pm that day.

Through our app. If the information isn’t up to date, we’ll share all the necessary information via WhatsApp.


All orders are processed at our PyckHub laundry, which is located on the outskirts of Lisbon. This way we can guarantee the quality and sustainable commitment that our customers expect.

Given our commitment to sustainability, our clients’ garments are always washed with organic and hypoallergenic detergents that are part of our own circular economy. We work with a Portuguese brand that collects waste oil from the catering sector and transforms it into washing products and softeners for the laundry.

Yes, the laundry is treated with anti-allergenic and biological agents. In this way we are also improving the quality of the water after each wash.

Each customer’s order is washed and dried individually. At the laundry, we don’t mix clothes between customers. This ensures that we reduce the percentage of lost or changed clothes to 1%.

The minimum value for each order is 1 PyckBag. Each bag can carry up to 9 kg, but it’s up to the customer to decide whether the bag is delivered to be treated completely full or half empty. In either case, the price is the same.

Your clothes are safe and accidents are extremely rare. We understand your concern, which is why we have insurance. You can claim for loss or damage within 48 hours.

Simply select “y – create order”, then direct your cell phone camera to the QR code that hangs on your PyckBag so that it is automatically added to your order. After payment, the next step is to take your PyckBag to the drive-thru or wait for collection in central Lisbon.

If you need more bags, we can provide them at the time of delivery, but they will be charged to your account. The cost of the bag is 8€, a national 100% cotton PyckBag that can hold up to a thousand washes.


We accept payments via MBway, ATM with reference and entity and cards associated with each customer’s account. We do not accept cash payments.

You will have access to the invoice in the history of each order. But you can also ask for it to be sent to your email address.

Other Questions

You need to fill in the form that we provide here, so that we can analyze the business and understand how we can deliver the best possible proposal. We’ll schedule a meeting so that we can then present the budget proposal.

Yes, but only with regard to folding. The way we fold our customers’ parts is studied in advance in order to meet their requirements.

In the year 2023 we saved 1.9 tons of CO2 emissions. As a laundry service provider, we guarantee a reduction in the ecological footprint of our partners’ and/or clients’ value chain.